Steel Panel Wall Systems

KirbyRib II Wall Panel

KirbyRib II Wall Panel

KirbyRib II wall panels provide a strong, attractive exterior ideal for commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications. Panels have a 36” wide net coverage. The rib design allows for more durable applications.  Spec Sheet


KirbyWall Semi-Concealed Wall Panel

KirbyWall Semi-Concealed Panel

KirbyWall (KW) is a semi-concealed fastener wall panel with a sculptured valley shape between the major ribs for a graceful appearance. KW panels provide 36” wide net coverage with major ribs at 12” centers. Minor striations add to the panel’s strength and appearance. Also ideal for fascias and decorative wall designs.  Spec Sheet


Kirby Reversed Roll (KRP)

Kirby Reversed Roll Panel

Kirby Reversed Roll Panel (KRP)  is a semi-concealed fastener panel, 36” wide with 1-1/4” inverted major ribs at 12” centers, with two minor ribs between major ribs. The resulting decorative shadow line allows your attention to focus on the beauty of the wall. The rigid surface helps compresses insulation without unsightly bulges at the girt.  Panel Specs


Translucent Wall Panels

Translucent Wall Panels

Kirby translucent wall panels allow a great deal of light to transmit into your building, offering a source of natural illumination and energy savings. They are offered in KirbyRib II, KirbyWall, and Kirby Reversed Roll panel profiles.



KirbyRib II Liner Panel

Kirby Liner Panel

Many times liner panels are specified to protect and to finish the building interior. The KirbyRib II panel is coated with a polyester paint system and is ideal for most liner conditions not exposed to weather.



Insulated Metal Panel by Kirby

Insulated Metal Wall Panels

Cutting-edge energy efficiency with attractive styling. Insulated metal wall panels are one of the most sophisticated building products on the market today. They offer a clean, consistent, and high-quality appearance that will immediately add value to any building. Hidden fasteners give the panel an aesthetically appealing appearance.  Insulated Wall Panels