SP Cool Coatings – Silicone Polyester Steel Panel Paint Colors

Two-Coat Process. Superior Quality.

In addition to our PVDF paint colors, Kirby offers SP Cool colors, which are Silicone-Polyester painted panels. Offered with a 25 year finish warranty, SP Cool panels are coated with special cool resins that reflect the sun’s rays. Our SP Cool painted panels lower energy costs while extending the life of a structure, making it a practical choice for large warehouses, agricultural structures, and commercial buildings.

KBS Panel Colors

For high visibility projects requiring even greater fade resistance and durability, our PVDF coated panels offer a more lasting, fade-resistant option.  The acrylic resin with ceramic pigments of our PVDF  gives panels a more vibrant, durable coating that reduces heat generation and increases energy-efficient coolness.

Download our SP Cool Color Chart
Kirby SP Panel Colors