Steel Roof Panel Systems

SS360 Standing Seam Roof System by Kirby

SS360 Standing Seam

Our SS360 standing seam roof floats on a system of sliding clips that prevent damage from thermal expansion and contraction. SS360 panels provide 24” width coverage with 3” high trapezoidal ribs. SS360 panels are joined by an electric seaming machine, developing a full 360º rolled seam to ensure weathertightness – a seam type preferred by many architects and specifiers.  Panel Specifications    |    Brochure

Loc Seam Vertical Rib Standing Seam

Loc Seam Vertical Rib Standing Seam

The attractive appearance of Kirby Loc Seam vertical rib standing seam makes it a good option for architectural and high slope applications. They provide 16″ coverage width with a 2″ tall vertical seam. Both systems are mechanically field-seamed with an electric seaming tool. Panels are available in Loc Seam 90, or Loc Seam 360 which provides a double-lock 360° seam during installation.  Panel Specifications

KirbyRib II


Kirby R-Panel has been a long-time industry standard that offers a simple and efficient installation. These roof panels have 1 1/4” ribs on 12” centers for an even shadowed appearance. They offer 36” width coverage and are reinforced between the ribs for added strength.  Panel Specifications

Translucent Standing Seam Roof Panel

Translucent Roof Panels

Translucent roof panels are available in R-Panel and SS360 standing seam roof panels, available in insulated and non-insulated. R-Panel is available in 5′-4″ and 10′-8″ lengths. SS360 panels are 10’-6″ in length, and feature a patented bonding barrier using a high strength, 100% acrylic resin reinforced with fiberglass.
SS360 Specifications     R-Panel Specifications