Mezzanine Floor Systems for Your Steel Building

Maximize Your Building’s Overhead Space

Mezzanines allow you to make better use of overhead space within your building, adding extra square footage without incurring the cost of expanding the ground floor.

Kirby offers some of the most efficient mezzanine options available in the steel building market – custom engineered to your specifications. Our economical, innovative mezzanine systems provide all steel and structural components for mezzanines.

Maximize Your Building's Floor Space with a Mezzanine

Custom Designed Mezzanines

As the most economical method of adding usable floor space to your structure, mezzanines are the perfect answer for additional storage, break room, office & meeting space, or a second story to an athletic facility. These platforms typically border a wall and are custom engineered to manage the loads required for your building. Your custom designed mezzanine can extend over a portion, or even the entire footprint of your metal building’s floor space.

Mezzanine in an Auto Dealership Building

Advantages for Metal Building Mezzanines

  • Additional space without increasing footprint
  • Manufactured from recycled steel
  • Large, clear dimensions
  • Non-combustible steel product
  • More economical than adding ground floor space
  • Ground floor can remain fairly open
Mezzanine in an athletic steel building