Custom Steel Building Solutions with Endless Possibilities

With Kirby Building Systems, you have a fully customized metal building with the latest in design technology and sustainability solutions.

Kirby has one of the widest arrays of custom building designs and product offerings. We are able to deliver projects ranging from simple gable frame structures, to complex multi-story buildings for a wide variety of end-uses that include commercial and retail, industrial, warehouse, community, agriculture and everything in between.

Single Slope Boat Manufacturing Building

Industrial Manufacturing Metal Buildings

From small manufacturing operations to major industrial plants, a steel building can accommodate all of your business needs, including large clear spans to make the best use of internal space. Steel buildings can also accommodate heavy cranes and equipment. They can offer large, open spaces for warehousing and storage.

Custom Equestrian Riding Arena Metal Building

Agricultural Metal Buildings

A Kirby steel building is best option for your farm storage, horse barn, or livestock barn. Steel buildings provide better protection, require less maintenance, and offer decades of reliable service.  Kirby steel barns & agricultural storage buildings adhere to stringent specifications that ensure high quality and peace of mind for your livestock and farm equipment.

Warehouse & Distribution Building by Kirby

Warehouse & Logistics Buildings

The ability to span large spaces, combined with the efficiency of a custom engineered metal building, makes Kirby a logical solution for your warehouse, logistics/distribution building needs. Kirby buildings are available in virtually any dimension, with interior column spacings that can be either eliminated or adjusted, depending on your design needs.

Market Retail Store Building

Commercial & Retail Steel Buildings

Whatever your commercial building need: store, restaurant, or even a car wash, Kirby has the solution for you. By having complete flexibility in your design choices, as well as freedom in choosing your building’s exterior – you can maximize usable space and provide a valuable, aesthetically pleasing metal building structure.

Indoor Football Training Building

Indoor Athletic & Recreational Buildings

Sports facilities, athletic clubs, indoor pools, gymnasiums, ice rinks, and multi-use community recreation centers are a few of the uses for large, clear span metal buildings. The versatility of Kirby building designs can include mezzanines for tracks & observation, skylights for natural lighting, and additional support for basketball goals & divider curtains. Our buildings offer a large, protected environment for your athletic activities.

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