Custom Sports Complex with Projected Eave Drop Canopy

This sports complex is a combination of four steel buildings. These bi-colored structures feature 4' projected eave drop canopies. Kirby provided standard girts for the 20'x20' parapets. All exterior walls are open to 17' for self-supporting CMU walls.

The Cooper Palms Sports Complex provides recreational activities for kids and families. The facility features 31,000 sf of indoor space for basketball, volleyball and multi-purpose courts. About 12,000 sf is dedicated to two indoor trampoline parks, and a café uses another 5,000 sf of space.

  • Location: Apopka, FL
  • Size: 60,000 sf
  • Wall System: CMU
  • Roof System: KirbyRib II
  • End Use: Sports Complex

  • Builder: Michael R. Cooper Const. Co., Inc.
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