Single Slope Solar Canopy Building

Fitzgerald Auto Malls has over 12 dealerships in three states, with over 16 brands. Their 275,385 sf, five story parking garage in Gaithersburg, MD provides sheltered storage for 800 vehicles and is served by two elevators.
Kirby provided the 55,076 sf single slope building that is erected over the garage’s fifth floor, with anchor bolts cast into the architectural precast structure.

The roof supports an 891 KW solar canopy installed over the Kirby standing seam roof system. This is believed to be the largest solar system at a car dealership east of the Mississippi. This array will provide about 83% of the electrical requirements for Fitzgerald’s Gaithersburg location. In addition to the practical benefits, this solar system will make a positive impact on the environment as it will greatly reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Location: Gaithersburg, MD
  • Size: 55,076 sf
  • Roof System: Standing Seam
  • End Use: Solar Structures for Parking Garage

  • Builder: Porter Construction
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