Ecommerce Building with Tilt-Up Walls

Producing an attractive finish, this office and warehouse facility combines precast tilt-up walls with Kirby semi-concealed wall panels. Natural light is brought into the warehouse utilizing Kirby translucent wall panels.

Coggins Advertising, located northwest of Savannah in Pooler, Georgia, has been managing online company stores for clients across North America and globally for over twenty years. Their ecommerce center offers custom branded advertising merchandise.

  • Location: Pooler, GA
  • Size: 34,650 sf
  • Wall System: KirbyWall & Tilt-Up
  • Wall Color: Fox Gray
  • Roof System: SS360 Standing Seam
  • Roof Color: Galvalume
  • End Use: Ecommerce

  • Builder: Mahany Construction Company
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