SS360 Standing Seam

Our SS360 standing seam roof floats on a system of sliding clips that prevent damage from thermal expansion and contraction.  SS360 panels provide 24” width coverage with 3” high trapezoidal ribs.  Standing Seam 360 panels are joined by an electric seaming machine, developing a full 360 degrees rolled seam to ensure weathertightness - a seam type preferred by many architects and specifiers.  


Roof-Lok & Roof-Lok Plus

Roof-Lok vertical standing seam roof panels are ideal for new construction or retrofit applications with a panel width of 16”. Panels contain factory-applied sealant and are notched and swaged at the endlaps. Panels are available in 24 or 22 gauge steel.

Our Roof-Lok Plus panels are field seamed with a double-lock, 360° seam during installation using an electric seaming machine.



KirbyRib II Wall/Roof

These roof panels have 1 1/4”  ribs on 12” centers for an even shadowed appearance.  They offer 36” width coverage and are reinforced between the ribs for added strength.  Panel is available in 26 gauge steel.  22 and 24 gauge can be special ordered.