Primary Framing

Kirby Building Systems will custom design your building system to comply with local building code requirements. Each is reviewed by Kirby's experienced team of professional engineers.


Beam Column

A Beam Column System provides multiple spans on wider buildings. The (BC) system can be either a modular, tapered, or straight column. Widths range from 80’ to over 400’, with eave heights ranging from 12’ to 60’. This system is economical for wide buildings. 


Gable Roof

A Gable Roof System provides a roof with two sloping sides and a ridge. With optional tapered columns, this building style is a cost-effective solution for office, warehouse, industrial, and commercial applications. The available straight column option provides a good system for palletized storage or display racks and is also ideal for shopping centers and other commercial buildings. The girts can be located in either bypass or flush position, and the roof slope can be as low as ¼ :12 or as steep as 6:12. The Gable Roof System is available with clear span frames or with interior columns, which provide economical solutions for wide buildings.



A Lean-To System provides a cost efficient means of making a building wider by utilizing a single slope sytem to extend the roofline of a building or by attaching to a lower level on the building. This is ideal when additional space for offices or storage is needed. 


Single Slope

A Single Slope System provides a building with one roof surface. With single-side drainage, these systems are suitable for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and retail shopping centers. The available tapered columns provide an inexpensive solution for wider buildings, while the available straight columns allow for maximum usage of interior space. The girts can be located in either a bypass or inset position, and the roof slope can be as low as ¼ :12 or as steep as 6:12.