Uncompromised Building Quality

Kirby ClearBay®  is the roof joist system that provides clear, spacious bays of up to 60', providing the ultimate in versatility and open spaces for any number of applications, including hangars, large indoor recreational buildings, and warehouses. By partnering with our sister division, Vulcraft, Kirby is able to engineer the most economical roof joist system for your metal building.

Kirby metal buildingLeveraging Nucor Technology
Exclusive only to Nucor companies, ClearBay is supplied by Vulcraft, a leading manufacturer of steel joists whose reputation for successfully managed quality control is unsurpassed in the industry. Superior materials with optimal bridging locations and connections bring you a dependable, high quality metal building.

BIM joistBIM 3-D Technology
A revolution in the construction industry, BIM (Building Information Modeling) offers a 3-D replica of your building prior to manufacturing. Using BIM, we are able to accurately depict the bridging as well as all structural elements during the design process, helping to eliminate guesswork, reducing on-site errors, and saving you both time and money.

Flexible Bridging Connections
Kirby metal buildings with the ClearBay joist system are available with either a standard welded bridging system or a fully bolted option. Welded bridging is a standard in the industry, and often the more economical, however the bolted option leads is faster to erect, and can be more cost-effective during construction.